El mató a un Policía Motorizado, presents new B-side releases from La Síntesis OKonor

El mató a un Policía Motorizado, presents new B-side releases from La Síntesis OKonor

El Mató a Un Policía Motorizado kicks off 2018 with the gift of new B-side tracks - a new track,"La Casa Fantasmal," and an acoustic version of  El Tesoro," recorded while on tour in a hotel room in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Spanish Indie Rock Band VETUSTA MORLA premieres Punto Sin Retorno, performed live at Hansa Studios

Spanish Indie Rock Band VETUSTA MORLA premieres  Punto Sin Retorno, performed live at Hansa Studios


The Spanish alt-rock band Vetusta Morla releases the music video for "Punto Sin Retorno" from its latest album Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar. It s a unique video, featuring a creatively reimagined version of the song that portrays the band s six members performing it live-in-studio. This session was filmed in Berlin s Hansa Studios, where in April 2017 the group recorded its latest album alongside the musician and producer Carles "Campi" Campón.

In a statement, Vetusta Morla offered other details about this audiovisual document: "During our two weeks in Berlin, our goal was not to sound like six people making music in the same room. To that end, we decided to experiment and revisit songs in a way that we hadn t before. When the Hansa sessions were about to end, we got together with the video team to create several takes of Punto Sin Retorno in a different format from the album version, including one with an earlier draft of the lyrics. It came together instantaneously and organically, it was captured on video in a way that made use of the studio s acoustic strengths, our performance and the chemistry we create by making music in close quarters."

"Punto Sin Retorno" is about a discrete moment that many of us have experienced: when we realize that we ve embarked on a path where there s no turning back, and we must take the hand of the person by our side to continue forward. Knowing that we don t have enough fuel to turn around, we follow our intuition, carried along by a force stronger than our will. It s a force that doesn t follow maps, but has an infallible compass that takes us beyond our own horizons.

This is the fourth music video released from Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar. The first was Te lo Digo a Ti (I Tell You), directed by Nacho Vigalondo, who also co-starred alongside Lolita Flores and Nacho Vegas. The second video was "Deséame Suerte" (Wish Me Luck), directed by Fernando Franco, who has frequently worked with the band. The third video was "El Discurso del Rey" (The King s Speech), which premiered on Christmas Eve. It was produced by the Cuadra Picha Audiovisual Collective and scripted by "El Mundo Today".

This year, Vetusta Morla will take its Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar Tour to 17 cities in eight countries. During Vetusta Morla s tour in support of its previous album La Deriva (2014), the band played for over 300,000 fans in 10 countries.



LOS DRUGOS estrenan "A DAY IN THE LIFE" el cuarto video clip promocional de su álbum Tributo a Sgt Peppers, un audiovisual de PSICODELIA EN BLANCO Y NEGRO...

Este Clip "Performance" muestra a Drugo Bazto y Drugo Guit (vocalista y guitarrista de la banda) interpretando su versión del clásico de The Beatles en formato acústico-sinfónico

Este nuevo video ha sido precedido en los últimos meses por otros como "SHE S LEAVING HOME", "BENEFIT OF MR. KITE" y "SGT. PEPPER S REPRISE" todos ellos tambien promocionales del album tributo que trajo de regreso a la banda de enmascarados del rock peruano a la escena musical.

Como se sabe, LOS DRUGOS,  reaparecieron a mediados de este año con un disco en el rinden tributo al "Sgt. Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band" de THE BEATLES al conmemorarse 50 Años de su lanzamiento oficial reversionandolo íntegramente, en su particular estilo.

Este disco de retorno de los enmascarados rockeros titulado SGT. DRUGOS LONELY MASK CLUB BAND" se encuentra alojado en PLATAFORMAS DIGITALES (Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Google Play entre otras).

Spanish Indie Rock band VETUSTA MORLA present their new album Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar

Spanish Indie Rock band VETUSTA MORLA present their new album Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar

Vetusta Morla released their new production Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar, their fourth studio album that has led the list of album sales in both physical and streaming formats since its launch in their native state Spain on November 10, reaching #1 on the most important digital platforms.


Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar is an album that invites the same epicenter of Vetusta Morla to first-hand experience the reaffirmation of its essence; ironically, cemented in a hectic metamorphosis. The album reflects a transformation process in a fragmented way while being a process in itself; it s a story and the result of it. Its ten songs can be read as a guide that emanates from the band s need to continue interpreting their reality through music by keeping intact their known undeniable honesty.


In the process, the six-piece outfit were surrounded by new partners: Carles Campi Campón (Jorge Drexler, Natalia Lafourcade) with whom they co-produced the album at the Hansa Studios in Berlin, and Dave Fridmann (MGMT, Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips) who was in charge of mixing the 10 songs that make up Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar.


In 2018, the band will present their new album live, visiting 16 cities in 7 countries including their performance in the mega festival Vive Latino. The kick-off will be at the capital of Peru, Lima, where the group will perform live for the first time in their career. They will then continue to Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, destinations that the sextet has regularly visited since 2009 in their tours and where they are received with a legion of followers. The second leg of the Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar live presentations will be held in the Iberian Peninsula with 2 concerts in Portugal and 8 in Spain.


The new album by Vetusta Morla was released in Spain on CD and vinyl. Meanwhile, the album is available in Mexico, Colombia and Argentina in CD format, and available in the rest of the world in digital format.


The new album is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer and Amazon, among others.

Making Movies releases De Paisano a Paisano, the 2nd single of their upcoming new Ep

Making Movies releases De Paisano a Paisano, the 2nd single of their upcoming new Ep

Making Movies have partnered with Los Lobos frontman David Hidalgo to create a twist on the famous Los Tigres Del Norte song De Paisano A Paisano, a song available in all digital platforms now and; for limited time free to download at La Banda Elástica Magazine. De Paisano a Paisano is the second single of their upcoming new EP "You Are Another Me" set to be released on December 1st. 


Making Movies, who just wrapped up their 22 city Immigrants Are Beautiful Tour, as a celebration of solidarity in the face of fear-mongering and hate. Frontman Enrique Chi shared, "It s time to realize we are all part of this continuum, this beautifully flawed human race that has migrated from every continent to bring us all the beauty we enjoy today." 


"There is no other musician in the world I would rather have play Paisano with us than David Hidalgo."  Singer and guitarist of Making Movies, Enrique Chi explains.  "History often only remembers the victories but we need not forget that when Los Lobos started touring, thirty some years ago, merely singing in Spanish at a rock club could result in being booed, harassed and kicked off stage.  Their music alone was a form of protest, they were and are still warriors.  His accordion work on this song brings me to tears and his vocal enters undermine musically and spiritually lifting me up.  What an honor, protest can beautiful."


David Hidalgo continues, "The lead vocal on Paisano is so soulful.  I didn t want to mess with it so the harmony isn t traditional but neither is Making Movies and that s a good thing. Beautiful!  Making movies aren t afraid to speak up. They boldly chose this song because it tells the story of what our country and our people are going through and have been for years."


Making Movies is an American rock and roll band that captivates audiences with their interweaving of Afro-Latino rhythms and psychedelic rock n roll.  The band was formed in Kansas City in 2009 by singer/guitarist Enrique Chi and his brother, bassist Diego Chi, joined by percussionist Juan-Carlos Chaurand and his brother, drummer Andres Chaurand.


On December 2nd, the band returns home after the 22 city Immigrants Are Beautiful Tour to Kansas City to host a special "I Am Another You Experience" at Knuckleheads.  The night is meant to bring the community together; we want to show that protest can be beautiful, says Enrique Chi, lead singer of Making Movies. This one-night-only show will feature a theatrical rendition of I Am Another You, the artistically ambitious and politically charged bilingual follow up to 2014 s A La Deriva. The self-released I Am Another You explores themes of immigration and identity and has become a battle cry against the anti-immigration and racist hate speech that has risen in recent months.



Andrés Calamaro wins the Latin Grammy in the category best Rock Song for la Noche

Andrés Calamaro wins the Latin Grammy in the category best Rock Song for la Noche

El argentino Andrés Calamaro gana su tercer premio Latin Grammy en la categoría Mejor Canción Rock por el tema "La Noche", tema incluído en su más reciente álbum de estudio titulado "Volumen II" (Warner Music Latina).El músico compositor y productor, y una de las figuras más respetadas en el ámbito de la música tanto en su país como internacionalmente, recibió el premio en la 18va entrega de los premios Grammy Latino celebrado en Las Vegas este jueves.

"Volumen II", es el décimo cuarto disco de estudio de Calamaro como solista y el primero en grabar con canciones originales desde 2013. Un disco con 18 canciones de alto voltaje, letras fuertes y contenido atrevido; y se suma a un total de 29 discos entre albums recopilatorios y grabaciones en vivo.

Calamaro, cuenta con más de 50 colaboraciones con otros artistas que son parte también de su repertorio discográfico, con artistas como Charly García, El Tri, Bunbury, Fito Paez, Joaquín SabinaJuan Gabriel y Gustavo Cerati entre muchos otros.

Previo a su carrera como solista, Calamaro grabó 4 discos como miembro del legendario grupo Los Abuelos  De La Nada y más tarde, siendo residente en España como integrante y fundador  de el grupo Los Rodriguez, graba 7 discos, logrando éxito en España y reconocimiento internacional.
Como productor, Calamaro produjo discos con Los EnanitosLos Cadillacs, Man Ray y Cornelio y La Zona entre otros.

Nuevo lanzamiento: la banda argentina Blop! – Turbio

Nuevo lanzamiento: la banda argentina Blop! – Turbio

El sello discográfico ExZentrica presenta Turbio, el tercer álbum de la banda electropop Blop!, oriunda de Tandil, Argentina.


En él vuelven a plasmar su electropop pegadizo, cuidado y radial, aunque combinándolo con algunos ritmos un poco más lentos y oscuros como el trip hop. Un disco más maduro y reflexivo.

Contiene dos temas en inglés, el original “All Again” y un cover de “Slow”, originalmente interpretada por Kylie Minogue.


01 Cursi

02 Mejor

03 Yo Y Mi Adicción A Vos

04 Insoportable

05 All Again

06 Yo Y Mi Adicción A Vos (Reggaetón)

07 Zafé

08 Slow


Todos los temas compuestos por Binder/ Calvo, excepto 08 por Carey/ Torrini/ Minogue. Producido, mezclado y masterizado por Ezequiel Calvo & Estudio Kanoas. Diseño de portada por Mariana Binder. En Spotify |

NEW VIDEO: Systema Solar Mi Caribe

 NEW VIDEO: Systema Solar Mi Caribe

The band was invited by Vice s "Weediquette" to create a Systema Solar version of the show s theme song that aired this week. Watch the trailer here.

The Afro-Caribbean Colombian collective s second album with Nacional Records, Rumbo a Tierra, was released earlier this year. The album is brimmed with Systema Solar s signature blend of world sounds. Rumbo a Tierra is an ode to good times. 

"Mi Caribe" takes us on a journey through the culture of Colombia s Caribbean coast.  Billboard calls the video "a timely reminder of what solidarity in the face of political corruption and xenophobia can look like". 

Systema Solar s Jhon Pri says, "The song speaks to how happy our people are, of what we like the most - there are things we don t like but we try to be happy. It speaks to how we are people that look for happiness in everything despite all of the hardships."

"Their records are an amalgamate of Afro-Caribbean and Colombian folk, stirred in with hip-hop and electronic beats...I cannot wait to get lost in
their funky, Caribbean revelry."

As 2017 comes to a close, Systema Solar has come full circle with the release of "Rumbo a Tierra" at the beginning of 2017, being named a Pandora Latin Artist to Watch, being included on the soundtrack for EA Games FIFA 17 and dropping this video right before the holiday season kicks into full gear.  


SAN PASCUALITO REY en Colombia - Todo nos trajo hasta hoy

SAN PASCUALITO REY en Colombia - Todo nos trajo hasta hoy

Llegan a Colombia desde México, con un 4to álbum de estudio titulado “Todo Nos Trajo Hasta Hoy”: San Pascualito Rey.

Formados desde el año 2000 SPR ha sido un grupo que lleva la bandera del rock mexicano a la nueva canción hispanoparlante, con influencias que van desde Chavela Vargas a los riffs de Frank Zappa.



Conformado por Pascual Reyes, Alex Otaola y Juan Morales, acompañados de Rodolfo Wright y José María Arreola, San Pascualito Rey muestra la magia que los caracteriza, pero con matices distintos, más allá de la fusión folk, rock, pop, trip hop, son jarocho a los que estamos acostumbrados. La experiencia que representa la conexión del show que parte de “Todo nos trajo hasta hoy” y el público, hace ver por encima de muchas cosas el feeling, la proyección y la apropiación de letras, esas ya tan características de San Pascualito Rey, y deja ver relevancia de su visita a Colombia.

La evolución de la banda es notoria disco a disco, espacios prolongados entre uno y otro dejan ver el crecimiento musical y emocional que viven en cada proceso. En este disco aparecen colaboraciones en "Nunca Jamás" Feat. Mon Laferte y en  la versión acústica de "En La Oscuridad" Feat. Emiliano Briancciari de No Te Va Gustar.

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