LAMC - Celebrate Brooklyn! lineup, additional show, and panels

 LAMC - Celebrate Brooklyn! lineup, additional show, and panels


The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) kicks it off a day early this year with a "Focus on Venezuela" showcase at SOBs on Tuesday, July 11th. The showcase will feature performances by ApacheAkapellahElastic BondViniloversusLos Mesoneros, and Rawayana.

This years LAMC/BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! show, taking place on Friday, July 14th, will feature musician, DJ, and producer Will Holland, aka Quantic (live), Argentine indie darling Tei Shi, and multi Latin GRAMMY-nominated
Chilean Prince of Pop, Alex Anwandter

We also recently announced our panel topics for this year, which will feature panelists from SXSW, NPR, Live Nation, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Bandcamp, Rogers & Cowan, ESPN, and many more. Stay tuned for more updates on our amazing panels!

Meet some of the artists & professionals who will join us in FIMPRO 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico (May 25-28)

Meet some of the artists & professionals who will join us in FIMPRO 2017 in Guadalajara, Mexico (May 25-28)


We are less than one month away from Guadalajara becoming the Latin American music capital: where musicians, record labels, managers, promoters, journalists, culture representatives, technology platforms, synchronization agents and music lovers will meet at an event that aims to celebrate the music industry and all those who make it possible.
Just like every year,the music conference and festival FIMPRO has prepared an extensive academic and musical program that includes forums that will address the most relevant and current issues in the world of music, a networking space to make possible the encounter and link between promoters and creators, and the FIMPRO Festival that proposes a selection of the best alternative music made in Latin America.

A key component of FIMPRO is the conferences, which year after year invite leading artists and professionals to share with their audience their experiences and perspectives on the present and future of the current music scene. This year will not be the exception, and we want to give you some of the names of the personalities that will make FIMPRO 2017 a unique edition:

Eduardo CabraAlso known by his stage name "Visitante", is a Puerto Rican musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and the producer with the most nominations and awards in the history of the Latin Grammys. Eduardo Cabra achieved worldwide fame as a founding member of Calle 13, in which he participated as the musical director, arranger and producer, leading the group to become one of the most relevant musical projects in Latin America. He currently directs La Casa del Sombrero, a cultural exchange project for artists and bands from around the world.

Fabían "Tweety" GonzálezMusician, producer and engineer. He played with Celeste Carballo, Fito Paez and Soda Stereo. He produced the iconic albums GirosEyCiudad de Pobres CorazonesEl Amor después del Amor (the bestselling album in Argentinean history) and Circo Beat. In 2005 he co-produced Ahí Vamos with Gustavo Cerati, which won 2 Latin Grammys and 2 Premios Gardel. In 2007, he was part of Soda Stereos "Me Verás Volver" tour. To date, he has recorded over 140 albums as a producer and musician. He founded the music label Twitin Records and music publishing company Tornasolado.

Benji RogersBritish businessman, technologist and musician. He founded Pledge Music based on the idea that artists should share the process of their artistic production and not just the finished product. Navigating the technology and music worlds, Rogers advises technology and music companies on how to bridge the gap between the two industries. He is co-founder of the Dot Blockchain Music project that aims to advise artists to face the challenges of the digital economy. Dedicated to the arts and creativity in all its forms, Rogers work is based on the belief of the Internets democratizing power.

Gabriel AbaroaExecutive, and business and entertainment lawyer. He is currently president of the Latin Recording Academy, INC. Institution that organizes the Latin GRAMMYS. CEO of IFPI América Latina Inc. from 1994 to 2001. He was part of Grupo Corp., a law firm that provided consulting to the entertainment industry. Head of the Department of Administrative Services of the Press Office of the Republic Presidency (1979-1982). He has participated in seminars and conferences around the world and has published several articles in technical journals and specialized international publications.

Juan PazRecognized international digital expert and artist manager. He started his career in the music industry working for Apple-iTunes in London in 2006. In 2010 he founded M3 Music, the company which currently represents the careers of artists like Bomba Estéreo and Monsieur Perine. He was in charge of the digital strategy for the Latin-Iberia region of Sony Music, and the digital strategy and marketing for Sony US Latin. He was a leader in marketing and digital exploitation for EMI in Latin America. Throughout his career, he has been involved with artists such as Coldplay, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Katy Perry, among others.

Chucky GarcíaOutstanding music journalist and cultural promoter. Since 2014, he has been the programmer artistic consultant for Rock al Parque, an international rock festival that is based in the city of Bogotá and is considered one of the most important free and outdoor music festivals in the world.

The new album from uruguayan Grammy nominee CAMPO Tambor Del Cosmos available now!

The new album from uruguayan Grammy nominee CAMPO  Tambor Del Cosmos  available now!

The new studio album by Grammy Nominee group CAMPO "Tambor Del Cosmos" (Sony Mexico), an album created between Montevideo and Shanghai, is on sale now and available in all digital platforms worldwide. "Tambor Del Cosmos" will be officially presented in a concert at the FIMPRO music conference and festival next May in Guadalajara.

Since their first album released in 2011, Campo, the uruguayan group created by Juan Campodónico, has sought to combine from a new and unprejudiced vision several musical worlds. The quartet draws inspiration from popular South American music as well as global and trendsetting sounds. In their first album, the group surprised their audience by mixing cumbia villera with Britpop and 80s rock with bolero and cha cha cha.

In Tambor del Cosmos, those innovated searches are still present: emphasizing the songs in a more direct form while maintaining the rhythmic side, which is one of Campos sound signatures. "Ive always liked music that makes your body move, while the melody or lyrics say something more introspective; more intimate... Music that has many layers and interpretations," Juan Campodónico says.

The song that opens and gives the name to the album, interpreted by Gustavo Santaolalla, incorporates one of the ideas that inspired the concept of Tambor del Cosmos. "The drum is the connection with the cosmos in the African world," Juan explains. "For us, the music we make and the beat is a connection with something deep and full of meaning. That is what the title refers to: the connection to the cosmos that we can have through music as a sensory experience."
The participation of Gustavo Santaolalla as an invited vocalist is not casual or by accident. The Argentinean musician and producer has not only been Juans musical partner since the time of Peyote Asesino and then in Bajofondo; His innovative work with his group Arco Iris in the early 1970s in attempt to find a Latin American identity accompanied by new global sounds.

That "cosmic" vision thats at the same time both organic and earthly, is also delivered in the folkloric ethereal lullaby "Duerme agua", performed by Verónica Loza, one of the most delicate songs in the album.
Unlike the debut album that was more of a labor by producers with different collaborators, Tambor del Cosmos is a group album; with the creative core of Campo - Juan Campodónico, Martín Rivero, Boni and Verónica Loza - working together. Together they coexist the electronic sounds of Boni with Martín Riverosmost melodic vein or Vero Lozas folkloric touches with the global vision of Campodónico.

"Bailar quieto", the song that served as an advance for the album is a good example of these complementary visions and at the same time shows another distinctive attraction of Campo: the groups revisits of massive Latin American genres that are often taken for granted, and finding their beauty and originality. With its mix of reggaeton and cumbia with pop and electronic, the song invites you to dance even though the lyrics speak poetically of not being able to do so.
The indie pop combines with melancholy in tracks like "Huracán", "Shanghái", "Unicornio"  and "Solo" sung by Martín Rivero. The most poetic and dreamysong  appears in "Despertar" in the voice of Juan Campodónico. The South American rhythms such as funk dance and the Uruguayan candombe are combined with trendy music in "Color" and "Wasted". "Wasted", the only English song on the album, features the very young voice of Lucía Torrón, one of the other guests of the album. The album closes with "Vals del Infinito", a song that like others from Campo, seem to come from a remote past with a contemporary touch that makes it unique.

The album was recorded in Montevideo by Julio Berta and the mix was finished in Los Angeles with Aníbal Kerpel. In addition to the usual collaborators of the band: Roberto Rodino (drums), Gabriel Casacuberta (bass, marimba) and Daniel "Tatita" Márquez (percussion), other participants were Luciano Supervielle on keyboards, Javier Casalla on the violin and chord arrangement on Vals de Infinito and Lucía Torrón on the choruses.
"Tambor del Cosmos" is the successor album of CAMPO (2011), the album that was nominated for the U.S.A Grammys, Latin Grammys and for the MTV European Music Awards. In the middle of the two were Remixes & Rarezas (2014), an album that includes live recordings, demos, remixes, versions and curiosities, which show another side of Campo, and Nocturno (2015) the soundtrack composed for the Ballet Nacional Sodre directed by Julio Bocca. 

Mexican Rock Band DLD announces U.S. tour to kick off May 24th in Houston

Mexican Rock Band DLD announces U.S. tour to kick off May 24th in Houston

One of the most important and popular bands of its genre in Mexico, DLD announced their U.S. tour with 4 confirmed dates in Texas and an additional 3 in California, starting on May 24 in Houston. The group will make their debut at the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, one of the few festivals that combines music superstars both in English and Spanish, that include artists Hardwell, Foster The People, J Balvin, Alesso and Nelly, among others. The tour concludes on June 1st in San Francisco, California at the Independent.

There are only a few bands that can tell the story of constant and rising success- and DLD is one of them. The band has 17 years of career including: 6 studio albums, two Latin Grammy nominations, two Telehit Awards, Gold Records for their sales, and sold out shows in outstanding venues like Palacio de Los Deportes, the Auditorio NacionalTeatro MetropólitanVive Cuervo Salón and the Lunario, in addition to their highlighted performances in the most important festivals in the continent such as the Vive Latino in 6 different editions and Rock al Parque in Colombia, among others.
Each album by the band has made them grow successfully and steadily. Their debut album entitled "Dildo" (2003), which was DLDs original name, was very successful with the first 4 singles, and by their second album "Modjo" (2005), the group was already traveling to USA on their first tour of 14 dates. "Ventura" (2007) managed to reach the top radio spots throughout the country, including being awarded as Best Rock Album at Ritmoson Latino.

The fourth release, of the band originally from Mexico, entitled "Por Encima" (2009) reached #1 in national sales, with which DLD received the award as Best Rock Band by Telehit TV. Their fifth production, "Primario" (2012) and already signed with Sony Music, reached in a short time the Gold Record and obtained two Latin Grammy nominations in the categories "Best Pop/Rock Album" and "Best Rock Song" with the single "Todo Cuenta". On their official presentation, DLD performed a sold out concert at the famous Auditorio Nacional of Mexico City.

DLDs sixth album "Futura" (2015) was marked in the groups history by a successful sold out show of 26,000 tickets in the emblematic Palacio de los Deportes, where the special edition of "Futura CD+DVD" was recorded. "Futura CD+DVD" remains the bestselling rock album in Mexico.

Formed by the unmistakable voice of Francisco FamiliarEdgar Hansen on bass and Erik Neville on the guitar, DLD began 2017 with two performances in the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, reassuring their imminent consolidation as one of the most important Rock bands of the moment.  Enter Here to check tour dates.


A.Chal presenta su video To the Light

A.Chal  presenta su video To the Light


El cantautor y productor peruano A.CHAL estrena el video de su primer sencillo "To The Light" (Hacia La Luz), cual forma parte de su segundo álbum de estudio, hoy en

 La semana pasada, el tratamiento inicial del video fue descartado a cambio de un viaje improvisado por carretera hacia el desierto, donde A.CHAL y el director RJ Sánchez se arriesgaron a filmar el video imprevistamente. Como resultado "To The Light" fue filmado en varios lugares en y alrededor de la ciudad de Trona en el centro de California, cerca del Parque Nacional de Death Valley. Usando lugares como una iglesia católica y las notables formaciones rocosas conocidas como los pináculos de Trona, el mismo lugar en que donde se filmó la película Planet of the Apes, el video captura brillantemente la búsqueda de A.CHAL de encontrarse a sí mismo en lo que parece ser otro planeta o dimensión. Por otra parte, la famosa estilista Fatima B fue un contribuyente a la estética increíble del video, reconocida por su trabajo con el artista The Weeknd para su portada en la revista Billboard, además de trabajar con otros artistas conocidos como D.R.A.M., Ed Sheeran y Wiz Khalifa.

"De las historias que he leído, el desierto siempre ha sido un lugar donde una persona se puede encontrar en un estado puro, en camino a una experiencia transformadora. Moisés, Jesús, y Mahoma entre muchos, han recorrido el desierto con el fin de encontrar respuestas. Para lo visual [de la canción] elegimos el desierto, ya que simbólicamente representa donde estoy en este momento a pesar de que tengo el apoyo de los demás y no estoy solo en mi viaje como artista. Aún me enfrento constantemente al reto de no bloquear mi propio camino y

hago el intento de mantenerme enfocado en lo positivo y no permitir que lo negativo opaque mi luz. El desierto simboliza eso para mí, es un lugar donde no hay distracciones y estas solo con tus sus propios pensamientos. También soy fan de los videos viejos de Rock de artistas como Guns & Roses y Red Hot Chili Peppers y quería crear un video que pudiera seguir esa tradición y legado,”  explica A.CHAL.

El director RJ Sánchez, quien ha trabajado con Travis Scott, Lil Yachty y NAV, por nombrar algunos, declara sobre esta colaboración, "Trabajar con artistas como A.CHAL es lo que me emociona a dirigir videos musicales. Muchas veces, no hay colaboración o comunicación con los artistas. A veces tienes la sensación de que ni siquiera han leído el tratamiento! A.CHAL, su equipo y yo tuvimos varias reuniones simplemente rebotando ideas, viendo videos, y escuchando música. No puedo identificar el momento en el cual realizamos lo que íbamos a filmar, pero si creo que el tiempo que pasamos hablando de lo que nos gustaba y lo que no nos llevó a realizarlo. Fue increíble ver a un artista realmente sumergirse en el proceso y confiar en mí como director. Además, nunca he visto un artista correr millas en el desierto antes de una toma para que pueda sudar de verdad...le doy mi respeto!"


El álbum debut de A.CHAL Welcome to GAZI estará disponible en vinilo + tarjeta DL digital en tiendas independientes el 22 de abril durante Record Store Day en los Estados Unidos.


Meet the selected group that will perform at the FIMPRO Festival on May 25-28 in Guadalajara, Mexico

Meet the selected group that will perform at the FIMPRO Festival on May 25-28 in Guadalajara, Mexico


After a difficult deliberation, our jurors selected from more than 600 groups, the artists that will be present during the FIMPRO FESTIVAL from May 25th to 28th in Guadalajara, Mexico. This year the selection to choose from was at a higher level than usual, in addition to an enormous increase in female participation.


The artist selection process of who will take part in the 2017 edition of FIMPRO was carried out with the same dynamics as it did in the previous two editions: through the curatorship of a previously confirmed jury. The selection of the jury, formed by Sergio Arbelaez and Enrique Blanc, contemplated the inclusion of the leading figures in the current Latin American independent music industry.


The participants invited for this process were: Alfonso Muriedas, director of the NRMAL festival in Mexico City; Siddhartha, the singer and composer from Guadalajara; Valerie Miranda, the founding partner of the Mexican label Casete, who has also been linked to several important companies of today such as Spotify and Facebook; music journalist Humphrey Inzillo; and Eduardo Cavillo, director of Ruido Fest, which is annually held in Chicago.


FIMPRO (International Fair of Professional Music) launched a call for Latin American artists who were interested in participating in the showcase program to register through the same platform installed in its official portal. 593 entries were received from groups from 20 countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, EEUU, Uruguay and Mexico, the country that reflected the majority of participation for obvious reasons.


The five jurors worked with this material to form the program. On Monday, March 27 a deliberation session was held and the following artists were selected to showcase at the Fair and Festival:


Danicattack - Colombia

Laguna Pai - Perú

Miss Garrison - Chile

Amanitas - Chile

Campo - Uruguay

Francisco el Hombre - Brasil

Carmen Costa - México - Argentina

Sven von Thülen - Alemania

La Suite Bizarre - España

El Chavez - Argentina

King Coya & Queen Cholas - Argentina

TOTOTOMAS - Argentina

Anelis Assumpao - Brasil

Edson Velandia - Colombia

La Boa - Colombia

Mina - Ecuador

Gaby Moreno - USA

Les Deuxluxes - Canadá

Los Celestinos - Chile

Luciano Supervielle - Uruguay

Baltazar - Guadalajara, México

Kumantukxuxpë - México

Ramona - México

San Pedro el Cortez - Guadalajara, México

Smoke Rings Quartet - Guadalajara, México

The Chamanas - México

Fanko - Guadalajara, México

Vico Díaz Toktli - Guadalajara, México


The FIMPRO FESTIVAL promises to be the place where the best of Latin American and EEUU will be present at, with an eclectic proposal of more than 11 countries including a sample of Canada with Les Deuxluxes and Spains proposal La Suite Bizarre. 

Eljuri arrives to Bogotá to present her album La Lucha

Eljuri arrives to Bogotá to present her album La Lucha


"Cecilia Villar Eljuri is a triple threat: Shes an accomplished songwriter, a great vocalist and one hell of a guitar player." -NPR MUSIC "Outstanding Ecuadorian-born, New York-based singer-songwriter Eljuri... Fusing socially conscious lyrics with blistering guitar she blended missionary fervor with impeccable musicianship." -CHICAGO SUN-TIMES


After a successful tour in Mexico that began with a great concert in commemoration of the 2017 International Womens Day in the main Zócalo Square (CDMX), Eljuri arrives in Colombia to promote her third studio album "La Lucha" in an intimate acoustic show at Vinyl Box Music Center - Bogotá.


She will also lead a workshop, which is open to the with an impressive 20 year musical career, Eljuri has earned important recognition for her unparalleled talent, her ability to compose songs with strong and inspiring lyrics and to fuse global rhythms in an impeccable way. Awards such as the "Billboard Songwriting Contest" in 2008, the "Viva Latino Film Festival in New York City 2015" and her most recent award for best album of 2016 for "La Lucha" by Voltalje Slamfest, have catapulted this artist to new heights.


Born in Ecuador and raised in New York City, she is one of the key players in the Latin music scene in the United States. Her deep social and political stance on peace, immigrant and womens rights have positioned her to lead large-scale projects for the Latin community. She has performed at important festivals and on musical stages such as the Prismatic Festival (CA), Mujeres Al Frente Fest (MX), Luminato Festival (CA), Folk Alliance International (US), Viva Latino (MX), Viva El Planeta Fest , Viva Chicago Latin Music Fest (US), Houston iFest (US) and the Ollinkan International Festival (MX) among others.


 The intimate show and personal workshop is open to the public and will be held next Thursday, April 20 at Vinyl Box Music Center Carrera 28 No. 42-55 Esquina, Barrio La Soledad, Bogotá, Colombia. Workshop: Thursday, April 20 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Show: 7:30 PM Vinyl Box Music Center is a cultural space for different groups of artists and music lovers in the city of Bogotá, regardless of the genre they listen to, creating an epicenter where not only djs but also music lovers and vinyl lovers can meet and exchange musical ideas.



The Legendary El Haragán y Cia. returns to U.S. on Tour to celebrate 27 years of musical career

The Legendary El Haragán y Cia. returns to U.S. on Tour to celebrate 27 years of musical career


Luis Alvarez "El Haragán", one of the most popular and influential musicians and singers in Mexican rock history, announced the return of El Haragán y Compañía to the US to present his "Revolution 27" tour kicking off on Thursday, April 13 in San Diego, California and concluding in New York on April 27.


Its already been 27 years of artistic history for Luis "El Haragán": singer, composer, founder and leader of the rock band El Haragán y Compañía, one of the groups with enormous convocation in their live performances, history and influence despite their lack of support by the mass media. Contrary to the groups name, El Haragán is a band that keeps busy throughout the year with tours in Latin America, various countries in Europe and the United State, as well as composing new material in their studio for upcoming recordings.


El Haragáns nickname was given to Álvarez for a song of authorship with the same name in 1987. After interpreting it in a festival called Encuentro de Compositores del Estado de México (Encounter of Composers of the State of Mexico), the announcer of the event confused the authors name and the song title, presenting "El Haragán" with the song: "Luis Álvarez". Over time, the nickname became engraved in the publics memory and more and more known until it was converted to El Haragan y Compañía as the official name of the group in 1989.


Out of the depths of Mexico City popular neighborhoods, El Haragán is today an emblematic band and is perhaps mostly known for his lyrics that reflect his own emotional and cultural reality of those neighborhoods and of a country like Mexico with its political, social and economic ups and downs. Some have named him a social portraitist for the narrative of his songs and in his concerts has that personal and full identification between his rock n roll family, how he calls his audience, and El Haragán.


The groups style contains a great diversity of rhythms and musical ideas, where one can find hints of Blues, Funk, Reggae, Heavy Metal, Punk, Classic Rock and Latin Rhythms. The band has 11 studio album recordings, 3 live albums, 2 compilations and a single that has accumulated 7 million copies in sales, of which about 20 million have been of the red album Valedores Juveniles. They have received diverse and great awards, recognitions, and have participated in film soundtracks. The band has had the experience of having stepped on all sorts of stages: from the modest and smallest, to the largest and most recognized in Mexican, European and American territory.


El Haragán y Compañía will kick off their USA tour this week where hits such as "Mi Muñequita Sintética", "Él No Lo Mató", "En El Corazón No Hay Nada", "No Estoy Muerto" and "Bajando en la Esquina", tracks that are already part of the Mexican National Rock classic songs, will be part of this anniversary tours repertoire that will be making a stop in 9 cities.

Panteón Rococó celebra gran semana en su XXII Aniversario

Panteón Rococó celebra gran semana en su XXII Aniversario


Han pasado 22 años desde que inició la historia de una de las bandas más representativas de la música en México, Pantéon Rococó ubicada dentro del género Latin Ska integrando otros géneros como la cumbia, rock y punk entre otros, y causantes del sonido que representa no solo una propuesta musical, sino un movimiento social que a través de la música ha llegado a millones de escuchas creando una conciencia universal. 

Durante la última semana del mes de Marzo se cumplieron XXII años de la formación de Panteón Rococó, un aniversario más que marca nuevas metas por cumplir, nuevos sueños por realizar, música nueva por dar a conocer, y sobre todo seguir siendo una de las insignias del rock mexicano que no tiene otro instrumento mas que la música para emitir ideologías, emociones y sentimientos que han permitido sumar cada día más público gustoso de este tipo de opciones musicales. 

Una semana de celebración justo a unos días de su flamante debut en el festival internacional SXSW en Austin, Texas, donde sus presentaciones fueron destacadas por decenas de medios incluyendo la revista Billboard y KCRW que los senalaron como uno de los 10 grupos Latinos que no se pueden perder durante la semana del festival y National Public Radio (NPR) confirmo la segunda presentación del grupo el día viernes 17 de marzo como uno de sus 6 conciertos favoritos de ese día con una excelente reseña del show. 

Los Rococó celebran cada minuto de vida a través de sus presentaciones en vivo, de la creación de su música, de cada entrevista que realizan, de cada foto que les toman, de cada autógrafo que dan, un sin número de momentos que han hecho permanecer y sobre todo haciéndolos crecer en todos los aspectos de su vida. Dr. Shenka (voz principal), Darío (bajo), Gorri (guitarra), Monel (guitarra), Missael (saxofón), Paco (trombón), Felipe (teclados), Hiram (batería),  Tanis (percusiones)  agradecen a sus fans, staff técnico, equipo de trabajo y medios de comunicación todo el apoyo en estos primeros XXII años de existencia en la música, exclamando a los 4 vientos.. y ¡Queremos Más! 

Sus próximas presentaciones: Feria de Tamazunchale (14 de Abril), Feria de Maravatío (22 de Abril), Tijuana (28 de Abril), Mexicali (29 de Abril), Metepec (1 de Mayo), entre otras. La gira de EEUU será anunciada próximamente.

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